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Ultra Performance is a 3D Studio Engineering mark


Compliance with standards and excellent technical-application performance in the field of tools

This is the special commitment of 3D Studio Engineering that thanks to its Ultra-Performance brand has become a clear reference for its high operating levels and the great reliability of its proposals.
A real engineering partner for customers, able to supply tools in line with the evolution of the most advanced working systems and the specific needs of businesses, from the analysis of customer needs to service and maintenance supply.
We have studied an ideal tool for any type of processing; we have diversified tools for each application. Solid carbide end mills with diameter starting from 0.1mm, reamers and solid carbide bits, modular heads, shrink-fit chucks and head-holders, stems and extensions, inserts for machining different types of materials for traditional or high feed working.
Their “extra” performance and the possibility of a perfect recovery ensure the best benefit/cost ratio.
The quality of materials, machinery and treatments, the machining precision and cutting-edge coatings guarantee the manufacturing of a product that exceeds all expectations.
Each individual item is monitored from the real beginning of the production process, during each working step and of course when the product is finished. Ultra Performance chucks, after being produced and balanced G1.0 / 15000 rpm, are checked and registered. The identification code contains all technical characteristics of the product.
Another distinguishing feature of 3D Studio is the delivery speed, a timely response to customer needs. This is possible thanks to the large stocks stored in our warehouses.
A trained practical and efficient technical team, with many years of experience in the use of tools and CAD/CAM software in the production phase, will help provide each customer with the desired assistance, the assistance that only 3D Studio Engineering can give you.

To Be Continued